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Which woman does not want the coast on foot, flashing her perfect legs without capillary crawlers, swelling her legs, or worse, varicose veins, as well as abscess? After 2 5 females are, alas, susceptible to varicose veins. To prevent disease growth, they should adhere to the prevention of varicose veins blood vessels. Self-massage is only one of the approaches to prevention of varicose veins and capillaries. And also extremely effective, because it “increases” blood in the vessels, not Varyforte opinions allowing you to collect opinions, forming the knots of seals, the alleged “celebrity”. However, to do this type of prevention, especially in a serious phase of varicose veins should be incredibly thorough,”without fanaticism”.

In order not to allow varicose veins to ruin your health and even the spirit holidays, respect are all possible measures of prevention of varicose veins. How in the posture “walking on foot”? Don’t get got dragged away! In this position, it is peredelyvala vessels and also regulate blood circulation is among the main sources of varicose veins and capillaries. Working while sitting? I try as often as possible to get up and even stroll. Since in this position, to protect Varyforte opinions the vessels, as well as intra-abdominal stress begins to increase, which also threatens for familiarity with the varicose blood vessels.

A lot of work that there is no time for a walk? Carry out a simple workout, which are not looking for his work. Every 2 hours, remove the footwear (if the shoes are thin, you can not get rid of) and even start rotating the opinions feet in different instructions, in this way, improve the venous return and avoid stagnation of blood in the veins. Watch your weight! Do not eat too much, do not force your veins to work in two, it is endangered by the deposition of hazardous materials on vascular walls. Do not torture your feet high heel high and thin shoes. Heel heel 5 cm taller brings a constant tension, muscle mass in the legs, and thus interferes with blood circulation in the capillaries. A light foot massage might be helpful, but it is much better to talk to doctors. Have the ability to make appropriate massage therapy, and also with a good end, to help varicose veins, capillaries and for your blood vessels and, subsequently, the prevention of varicose blood vessels threats to go with Varyforte opinions the methods of treatment of varicose veins blood vessels. During sleep the goal of putting your feet on a pillow, at an angle between the bed and even the legs were at least 15%. As you know, blood in blood vessels should be from heels to the pelvis, so that this will help the blood to not stagnate. Refraining from the pliable bags and also the excess of physical effort. Yet, this opinion does not suggest that you need to stay on the sofa and view your favorite collection and even stay in this issue regularly.

Aerobics, jogging early in the morning, swimming, taking a walk through the stairs: all trains are at our feet and, consequently, Vienna. For this reason, the prevention of varicose veins and capillaries could refrain without mobile lifestyle. You must stop smoking. Select comments for yourself: a poor practice or low-varicose legs or without varicose and capillary legs? The choice is constantly right, but keep in mind that smoke seriously affects the ship’s problem. Join a normal chair! Stiticism increases intra-abdominal stress, for this reason, insufficient blood flow to the feet. Consume lots of liquids! At least 1.5 litres per day. The blood fluid, otherwise it slows down, and there can be no Varyforte comments embolisms in the blood vessels. As you have seen, the prevention of blood vessel varicose veins includes essential measures from various areas of our lives. However the goal of this prevention of trafficking in something to get out of varicose and capillary! Ideas are easy, but the effect of their conformity is not necessary to wait!

On the wave of general enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, we finally begin to talk seriously about only what the disease is simpler to stop curing. Take, as an example, varicose veins, capillaries. If you think the lucid publications, in order to stop varicose blood vessel comments, carry out the following operations. Initially, to exclude flour and sugar from a diet, limit the consumption of salt, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, preservatives and meat and beer. Second, make sure that the body constantly a sufficient amount of vitamins. Third, regular physical exercise, preferably Varyforte commentary swimming or aerobics, not smoking, cigarettes, give up sitting or standing and even not to carry weight. An


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