Ideal for any breast size, Flybra with push-up effect!

No matter if you have in your breasts, small, medium or large, each of them will look right with Flybra. Here are some useful tips on how to properly handle the bras

First, the bra has ceased to be perfect, you need to size correctly. Many women, altered the virus, correctly, so buy too small or too big. One bra bra of the appropriate size Flybra size should be a hair loss (if it is small) and should not be too much space between the basket and skin (as well as in the case when it is very large). Moreover, women with a large bra should choose very narrow shoulder straps, do not cut them out, skin of everyone. Attention should be paid and how it shrinks around the back, respectively, neither in this topic does the skin.

The largest perfect bra must be a globe around the backbone, back, back, fit and width of the basket, which, regardless of the size of the bust, no matter how big the bra. That is, to combine these two elements. But, attention, basket, like, for example. Size, the amount of bigger scale back – more.

In addition, many women, modified with the virus, correctly trying to mount without straps on the large breasts to raise you intend to. What happens then that in the breasts, where they are Flybra, the bra on the back comes almost to the door, it really does not look good. The best solution – buy a push-up model.

Another valuable tip – to find the perfect bra and place it on yourself, in your hands, chest, hand, hand and slightly lift. Such a beautiful look, whether it will stop better. Inconvenient, storage, large Flybra…. grebe all those problems with which girls are struggling, a large number of…. It’s a bit unusual the fact that most girls wear bra bras completely incorrectly! The size and shape of quite a common problem is not suitable, after selecting it as “good”….

Did you know that you wear Flybra, it doesn’t fit you?

Below we offer you tips, with the help of which it is easy to avoid the most common mistakes when choosing is everyday clothes, objects. The quality of investment in intelligent bras is a step ahead. Given that we carry, every day, for sure, what they are made of, the quality of materials and comfortable.

These large-size basket size free space enhances both between breasts, and the Flybra signal that it is very small, as small breasts signs “mode”… in addition, you should avoid brassieres, tightly clenched roof profile of back, chest. This is a sign for the basket. Brassieres should not be visible under the clothes. If not, it means that you probably wear a bra or a large, in turn, basket on the spot.

Take the meter in your hand and measure the narrow brassiere part Size changes every 5 cm, so if measured at 73 centimetres, which means that you wear Size 75. then Flybra should determine the size of your basket. Now measure the chest circumference, chest width. Based on the differences between them, the size of the basket is measured, for example. if the range of 90,75 w bust, the difference is 15 and should be drawn to basket B.

Every woman knows how difficult it is to find Flybra handling and testing showed that more than 80 percent, you should choose a bad size bra and in moulds. The most common mistake of a woman, whether it’s when buying a bra, this choice is a very large bra bra, and premale to the basket. Learn how to choose the right size and shape for your bra. The purchase of bra bras is a right ordeal for most women, so it is not surprising, the results of the study show that more than 80% wears the wrong size bra or form. Follow these simple tips to make your choice easier.

Before going to the store, it is important to find the appropriate bra size, and to do so, only at the moment of measurement, for which it will serve as a normal ft user tailor. To measure a narrow part of your breasts, breasts, breasts,…. he showed you the size of Flybra you really need. Be careful to adjust the special m to be not comfortable, and to keep the same line, front and rear. The size of the bra changes, and by five centimetres, which means that when your lips change 73 cm, size 75.

After the breast, the chest circumference of the chest must be measured. This quantity is measured in the plane, breast, and, again, remember to adapt to user m reserves the right, on one line at the front and rear. Brassière size, so the difference between chest circumference and thoracic Flybra circumference. If, for example, bust 90, bust 75, the difference in 15 of your basket.

Fly Bra

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